The HR Search Co. plays a crucial role in helping organizations find the right talent for their permanent placement needs. We specialize in recruiting and placing candidates for various positions on a retained or contingency fee basis.
One key advantage of the HR Search Co. is our ever-expanding network of strong HR talent. We are connected to, and continually assess active jobseekers. And we have a deep network of passive candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities, but possess the skills and experience you need. This proactive approach often results in access to a broader and more diverse pool of candidates.

Our over-arching goal is to make the search process as easy as possible for you. Clients praise us for our high-touch communication throughout the search process. Our engagement with our talent pool gives us ongoing, real-time market intelligence, salary benchmarking, and a unique, anecdotal view of industry and hiring trends. This broader perspective enables clients to make informed decisions about their hiring strategies and remain competitive in attracting top talent.

Our team consists of seasoned recruiters with in-depth knowledge of the HR landscape. We understand the intricacies of various HR functions, enabling us to identify candidates who not only possess the required technical skills but also align with your organizational culture.

Retained & Contingent Search

Temporary/Contractor Staffing

We understand the dynamic nature of your organization, and we recognize the importance of having a flexible and agile workforce. Our expertise lies in sourcing and placing top-tier HR professionals for temporary assignments, ensuring that your organization has the right talent to navigate short-term projects, cover leaves of absence, or manage peak workloads.

Benefits of engaging HR contractors

Contractors sit on our payroll, not yours, eliminating costs associated with Benefits, training, and administrative overhead.

We have pre-screened and vetted candidates ready to go. This reduces time to fill and speeds time to productivity.

HR Contractors have niched expertise, especially Contract Recruiters. They are experienced in distinct industry verticals, and aware of the latest trends and market conditions, leading to faster, stronger hires. 

Many seasoned HR professionals have left full-time corporate jobs and are in the gig economy, moving from contract to contract, picking up best practices, and enhancing their market value and capability.

The ultimate long-term job interview. Try before you buy, which runs both ways – job seekers get a feel for your culture before converting to full-time employees. 

Whether you need temporary HR professionals for a short-term project, maternity/paternity leave coverage, or to manage spikes in workload, we can quickly provide flexible staffing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Faster Recruitment Process

Niche Skills & Experience

Leverage the Gig Economy

Temp to Perm

Assessing the readiness and suitability of candidates for HR leadership roles is a complex and critical process that requires a clear and comprehensive approach. By using a combination of factors and methods, you can increase your chances of finding and developing the best leaders for your organization. The HR Search Co. has the experience and resources needed to help you incorporate assessment into your selection process, to ensure you choose the best candidate possible for your vacant HR leadership position.

HR Leadership Assessment 

Onboarding coaching is a structured coaching process during the first 100 days of your new hire’s placement, designed to increase the speed of their adaption to their new role and diminish possible derailment risks. It’s commonly understood that a new employee can only fully realize their full potential in their new role after 6 months. With onboarding coaching we help your new hire accelerate their transition so that they are more engaged and aligned twice as fast. New employees benefitting from the support of onboarding coaching are more likely to feel and act at their full potential after just 100 days of employment. 

New Hire Onboarding Coaching

If your organization seeks to grow your HR leaders internally, HR coaching, 1:1 or group is a meaningful solution that extends learning and growth beyond the typical training workshop. Due to internal dynamics and cultural nuances that are very specific to HR, being a rising leader within HR can feel lonely. Up and coming HR leaders can be at greater risk of derailment or retention because they don’t feel as though they have their own trusted support system or resource available to them. Leadership coaching with a neutral, external HR-centric coach can feel safe and helpful in ways that are so very valuable and that generate sustained shifts that can fuel your HR leader’s growth and impact. Coaching is convenient and cost-effective because it can be successfully conducted virtually, 1:1 or 1:several. 

HR Leadership Coaching

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